The environment

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Asco Harvester

Asco Harvester produces a marine mower that mows marine vegetation by the seacoast along with cleaning waste and garbage which increasingly piles up in vulnerable places. Asco is easy to manage and has alot of safety equipment on board. Asco is solid, highly technical and has been modified by innovative developments in recent years. Asco is suitable both for water catchments and in difficult weather conditions at sea thus the Asco reaches different target groups. Asco is designed and constructed from scratch in Iceland. All types of Asco have similar characteristics, therefore most equipment can be used in various Asco types.

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About us

The name Asco comes from the most famous sea kelp species, which in Latin is Ascophillum Nodusum, the name is highly descriptive for those who have any knowledge about these matters. Asco Harvester ehf. is a family owned company that was established after years of development of the Asco marine mower. Those who work for the company have, in one way or another, all connection to Breiðafjörður and have knowledge and experience in mowing marine vegetation, seaweed processing, ship building and fishing. The company’s daily operations consist mainly of productions, marketing, sale of equipments and sacks, sale and lease of marine mowers and general equipments.

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Önnur þjónusta

Other services

Asco Harvester undertakes general metal work, as well as selling sacks customized to specific needs.


Our sacks are specially designed and made for Asco Harvester. The sacks come in various sizes and the right fit for every operation can be found. There are also signs for sale that are intended for labeling the sacks, which includes the number and space for registration of the location of the mowing.

Repair and accessories

Asco Harvester has for sale all accessories and spare parts as well as conducting general repairs and changes to Asco’s service center.

Conveyor rollers and other forging

Asco Harvester produces high quality conveyor rollers in desired size. There is also a possibility to order a work desk or other metal forging as well as design of a variety of equipment.

Asco Harvester ehf is developing a complete solution for sea cleaning, marine litter removal and optimal algal bloom harvesting. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 826061