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The name Asco comes from the most famous sea kelp species, which in Latin is ascophillum nodusum, the name is highly descriptive for those who have any knowledge in these matters. Asco Harvester ehf. is a family owned company that was established after years of development of the Asco marine mower. Those who work for the company in one way or another all have a connection to Breiðafjörður and have knowledge and experience in mowing marine vegetation , seaweed processing, ship building and fishing. The company’s daily operations consist mainly of productions, marketing, sale of equipments and sacks, sale and lease of marine mowers and general equipments.




Marine vegetation is an underutilized product and there is a shortage in the world market for quality seaweed that is in abundance in Iceland. As with other industries, Iceland’s features, nature and circumstances make it impossible to use existing devices. And in that impossibility the idea of Asco was born. Furthermore Asco focuses on improving important aspects such as strength, power, efficiancy as well as being environmentally friendly and saving time. In current marine vegetation prams there are certain short comings which makes reaching the most valuable marine vegetation very difficult. Further developments have also given Asco the opportunity to dive into service various markets with different damands.



Asco is available in several different versions, all of which are based on the same foundation but have different functions. One of Ascos special features is that seaweed and trash go straight into sacks and have easy access to the sacks. Thus handling of marine seafood and rubbish will be more efficient and economical compared to the methods that are used today. The sacks are released into the sea or water and bound in ground and are either dragged back to land or drawn onto a fallowing boat. The fact that Asco mows straight into sacks boots overall performance that results in time savings. Asco is suitable for land transport, between mowing areas or for general maintenance, because of its size thus increasing efficiency of the companies that handle mowing as they will reach more mowing areas. Asco is also powerful enough that he can navigate between places even though it is a long way to travel. Asco is specially designed to get closer to land and work in hard torrent. Asco is thus able to mow or collect rubbish that has not been possible before, because of shallows, currents and ice. Asco is designed and constructed according to rules of the Icelandic Transport Authority and Det Norske Veritas. These rules apply to the most difficult and unlikely circumstances about shipping in the North Atlantic. Asco is designed to better withstand heavy rolling at sea and currents consequently making it safer and more stable. Much effort has been put in innovation of the float to increase strength and stability. Furthermore much effort has been put forward to modernizing the hydraulic oil system to reduce noise and emissions, as well as reducing fuel consumption.


Our goal

The goal of Ascos development and of Asco Harvester ehf. is to improve and develop existing technology used today. We start by mapping the flaws in other current machines and improving our design. Our research and development work has already provided practical results. Our research has primarily been focused on modernizing drive equipment, mowing, hardware, hydraulic systems, occupational safety, lower maintenance costs and more. We see opportunities for improving and believe that we will have a positive effect on the competitiveness of the Icelandic economy by leading the way with better technology, safer and sustainable utilization and first-class quality production.

Ascos primary goal is to contribute to the increase of harvesting seaweed in Iceland thus increasing export of seaweed as well as Asco aims to target foreign markets through exports of Asco. With Asco, we believe that, with increased harvesting capacity of seaweed in Iceland as well as abroad, we meet both increased demand and modern demands.


Sustainability and social responsibility

Asco Harvester emphasizes it’s own responsibility and we strive to have a positive impact on the environment and our society so we strive to improve our operations, processes and procedures with our partners.

Asco Harvester is committed to designing equipment that ensures sustainability. Sustainability is reached by the way we mow, the seaweed is mowed but not pulled up by the roots and we leave the bottom 20-25 cm part of the plant. The seaweed has the opportunity to grow again unlike what would happen if the roots were torn out. Asco Harvester has been in co-operation with the Marine Research Institute to ensure sustainability and the quality cutting methods. The environmental threat of the Plastic ocean and the aggregation of debris and rubbish that accumulates around beaches and shores due to natural disasters. Therefore Asco has started manufacturing a cleaning pram that is designed to clean the rubbish and debris from oceans and waters. A large part of the waste that accumulates at ports and beaches is recyclable plastic, so it is possible to recycle what is accumulated by Ascos cleaning pram.



The personnel of Asco Harvester have extensive knowledge of harvesting of marine vegetation, processing, shipbuilding and fishing.

You can contact employees via email or Linkedin.

Anna Ólöf Kristjánsdóttir



Ingvar Kristjánsson

VerkstjóriProject supervision


Ómar Arndal Kristjánsson

Product manager and designer


Asco Harvester ehf is developing a complete solution for sea cleaning, marine litter removal and optimal algal bloom harvesting. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 826061