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Asco Viking is specially designed for seaweed mowing. It is wide and stable with high load capacity. Mowing equipment is specially designed with reinforcement to withstand impact with hard flat rock and is built with great power for hard torrential. Asco Viking mows directly into two-three tonne sacks and has the ability to extend further to the tide and in strong torrential. Asco Viking is made of steel with two conveyor belts, mower and assembly line. The conveyor belts are at the centre of the machinery and move the raw material directly into a sack on the engine ́s spout. When the sack is filled it is eased into the sea, secured in the ground and a new sack installed. A major innovation is in the implementation of the float, which increases strength and stability. There is also a new and improved version of the drive gear that provides increased torque, as well as increasing the safety of marine currents and windy conditions. The float is designed to better endure the shallows by the shore. Furthermore the design of all hardware has been modernized to reduce noise and emissions, as well as reducing fuel consumption. Asco Viking is well equipped but can be equipped with various accessories. If there are any special requests please contact us and we will find what you need.



6,000 kg.


2,000 kg.

Mowing width

2 m.

Asco Viking - Standard equipment
ColorWhite 9010 and green 6022
Size in working position11.165m x 3.208m x 3.509m
Size in water7.220m x 3.208m x 0.966m
Number of compartments in a float11 compartments + 2 tanks
Weight6,000 kg.
Capacity2,000 kg.
DraughtAbout 0.45m empty and 0.55m when loaded
Freeboard to deck levelAbout 0.46m empty and 0.26m when loaded
Mowing width2 m
Mowing depthAbout 0-1.9m empty and 0-2.1m when loaded
ConveyorsWidth 1.3 m. Wirebelt Honeycomb 304 aisi
EngineAir cooled 78.2 HP. Hatz 4m41z 14 DNV Special for Maritime Applications
Hydraulic tank165 liter
Oil tank165 liter
Electrics12 volt 100ah start battery and consumption battery
Hydraulic systemBosch Rexroth
TransmissionKeypower KP 12
Windows and doorHoudini Marine
Sailing speed5 knots
Mowing deviceSchumacher KM180
Asco Viking - Aukabúnaður
Navigation equipmentSelection of Garmin equipment
Dash- and switchboardSelection of Blue Sea equipment
ConveyorsWidth 1,3m Wire belt Honeycomb 316 aisi
ElectricsShore power 230 volt Blue Sea P12
ACEberspacher Airtronic Marine
Another Alternator for useBalmar series 6 120ah, external regulator Max charge MC-614

Asco Harvester ehf is developing a complete solution for sea cleaning, marine litter removal and optimal algal bloom harvesting. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 826061