Marine sweeper in development

Asco Harvester / News

Fri Jul 08 2016 15:20:19 GMT+0000 (GMT)

Asco Harvester is one of six entrepreneurial companies that received a grant from the entrepreneurial fund of Íslandsbanki, this past week. Asco received a grant of 2,5 million ISK, which was also the highest allocation of total 10 million ISK fund. Asco is developing a marine mower that mows seaweed and cleans garbage and other waste from seas and waters. The algae plant in Reykhólar has been mowing kelp for many years and has been in the fore front in this development since 1970 but Asco Harvester is working hard on the development of a machine that is better equipped for Icelandic conditions. The machine is built in Borgarnes and the construction going well according to Anna Ólöf Kristjánsdóttir CEO. “It is amazing to see an idea be brought to life when just a while ago it was actually just an idea!” says Kristjánsdóttir adding that the grant comes at a very convenient time in the process. It ́s quite difficult to finance a project of this magnitude says Kristjánsdóttir, she estimates the total cost of construction of the prototype machine will amount to 50 million ISK. This is not the first grant awarded by Asco, but in January, the company received seven million ISK entrepreneurship grant from the Technology Development Fund plus a 2,5 million ISK grant from the Structural Funds of West Iceland. Furthermore, the company has a good partnership with Íslandsbanki and Kristjánsdóttir is highly thankful for their support. “The way I see it, the machine is like a sweeper, a street sweeper, it has a compatible engine but it works in the ocean and in body of waters.” Kristjánsdóttir adds in. The company aims at launching the pram by the end of summer so the grants helps move the company one step closer to their goal.

Asco Harvester ehf is developing a complete solution for sea cleaning, marine litter removal and optimal algal bloom harvesting. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 826061